Date Coding Machines in Sri Lanka

date coding machine sri lanka

Date Printing Machines for Sale in Sri Lanka 

We Are the Leading Date Coding Machine Supplier in Sri Lanka 

Printing Date and Batch codes are a very vital part of the manufacturing process. We sell all types of machineries used to print the expiry date, Manufacture date, Batch number and the price.  

We have been the market leader for date printing machines in Sri Lanka since 2005. Our coding machines are used in over 1500 factories of various scale. We offer coding machines for a very attractive price and make sure the after sale service is excellent. 

Types of Date Printing Machines

Coding Machines can be categorized based on many different methods but the primary of them is the print mechanism, based on that date coding machines can be divided into 3 different categories

Date Printing Machines available for Sale in Sri Lanka

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Our Batch & Date Coding Machines

Handheld Inkjet Printer Sri Lanka

Handheld Inkjet Printer

The Handheld Inkjet Printer is perhaps the champion among all coding machines these days. This can work both on handheld and auto modes.
Mini Inkjet Printer Sri Lanka

Mini Inkjet Printer

The latest addition to the coding machine variety. This is an inkjet printer with similar print capability as any other thermal inkjet printer but this is portable and handy.
Dy8 coding machine

Manual Coding Machine

The DY-8 Coding machine is a manual coding machine used for flat surfaces. The packages or labels need to be coded before packaging
Date coding machine sri lanka

Semi Auto Ribbon Coder

The Semi Automatic coding machine is a slightly advance version of the manual DY-8 coding machine.
Inkjet batch coding machine sri lanka

Continues Inkjet Printer

The Continues Inkjet Printer is used in large scale manufacturing line to code online. This is a fully automated coding machine.
Label coding machine

Labelling Machine

Small Labelling machine is ideal for small scale manufacturers and or warehouses and also supermarkets. This machine can print small labels
My380f hot ink roll coding machine

MY380F Coding Machine

MY380F Coding machine is yet another automated coding machine. This works mainly on labels and bags. 
Thermal Inkjet Printer sri lanka

Online thermal Inkjet Printer

This thermal inkjet printer is designed exclusively to run on online production lines. This printer comes with a separated print control and print head. 

Date Coding Stamp

The Date coding stamp is cheapest date printing machine out there. this stamp is easy and reliable and can give a professional looking print.
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Date Coding Printer Consumables

Different Coding Machines use different types of consumables. The main printing consumables used are as below;

Hot Stamping Ribbon for coding machine

Hot Stamping Ribbon

Hot Foil Ribbons are used for manual coding machines and the semi automatic coding machine
Coding Machine Cartridge for sale in Sri Lanka

Coding Cartridge

We supply Cartridges for various Thermal Inkjet coding printers. such as the handheld inkjet printer
Coding Machine Ink for Sale in Sri Lanka

Ink and Makeup

Ink & makeup are used for the continues Inkjet printer while diluted ink is used for the LCP or Large character printer.
Hot Ink Coding Roll for sale in Sri Lanka

Hot Ink Roll

Hot Ink Roll are primarily used by the MY380F Coding Machine and also the Hot Quick coding machine.
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About Us

ELW International is a company that started operations way back in 2005. We have been a key supplier of industrial equipment's. Our first business venture back in 2005 was Polythene sealers and the Continues Inkjet Printer. Ever since we have been expanding and today we are one of the primary importers and distributors of world class industrial machinery to Sri Lanka.  We make sure to introduce the latest in date and batch coding technology to the Sri Lankan Market as and when they are introduced.
Date Coding Equipment are one of the many different types of machineries we deal in and since, offer the the very best prices in Sri Lanka.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Choose the Best Coding Machine for My Industry?

Before choosing a coding machine for your business it is very important to consider the below

What are Coding Machine Prices in Sri Lanka?

Coding machines can start from as low as LKR 3500 (for coding seal) to as high as LKR 3 Million (Industrial laser printers).
Although there would be changes below are the average price of date printing machines in Sri Lanka.

What Are the Factors To Be Considered While Purchasing an expiry date printing Machine?

There are certain things to be noted while purchasing date coding machines. It is rather very important to note these points before purchasing a coding machine

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Sample Prints - Applications

Sample Prints using our coding machinery 
coding machine for glass
Print on Glass
coding machine for plastic surface
Print on Plastics
Coding solution for aluminum
Print on Aluminum
Printing on steel
Print on Steel
PVC pipe printing solutions in Sri Lanka
Print on PVC
Print on wire and tubes
Print on Rubber
Code Printing on Wood
Print on Wood
Date coding on plastic lids
Print on Hard Plastic

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