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MY380F label coding Machine for sale in Sri Lanka

MY380F Label Coding Machine - Sri Lanka

The MY380F label coder is an excellent date printing machine that can be used to code labels and small packets fast and easy. This machine is fully automatic and code multiple packets or labels at a very high speed. The M380F label coding machine uses minimal human labor, which makes it an excellent option for even large manufacturers.

Quick Overlook

  • Brand - Unioncoding / Brother / Bespacker

  • Print Speed - upto 300 pcs per minute

  • Consumable used - Hot Ink Roll

  • Font Sizes - 2mm, 2.5mm, 3 mm

  • Printing object length - 55mm - 550 mm

  • Printing object width - 30mm - 300mm

  • Supported Ink Rolls - 36x32 / 36x36

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Key Advantages

  • Can code very fast

  • Fully automatic system

  • Among the lowest in terms of "cost per print"

  • Can code large quantities in a small time

Disadvantages of the MY380F

  • Suitable to print only on labels or thin packets.

  • Cannot print Bar codes or QR codes.

  • Cannot print images.

  • Mechanical letters no digital input

Label coding machine in Sri Lanka