Direct Qr Code Printer in Sri Lanka

QR code printer in sri lanka

Print Qr code directly on

We have printers that can print Qr code directly from 2 mm size to 100 mm (4 inches) size

  • Qr code pritning directly on Bottles

  • Qr code on Labels

  • Qr code on Polysacks

  • Qr code on Wood surfaces ex: plywood

  • QR code pritning on Packets

  • Qr code on Steel surfaces ex: Amano sheet

  • QR code on PVC pipes

  • QR code printing on Glass ex: Glass bottles

Video Demonstration (Manual Mode)
Printing 2 inch QR code on corrugated cartons

Video Demonstration (Auto Mode)
Automatic print Qr code, brand name and logo on pipes

Recommended Printers for Direct Qr Code Printing

Manual Print Only

Mini Inkjet Printer Sri Lanka

Automatic & Manual Print (Dual purpose)

Handheld Inkjet Printer Sri Lanka

Automatic Print Only

Thermal Inkjet Printer sri lanka
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QR codes are turning out to be a very vital aspect of modern life. In sri lanka since the fuel shortage and the subsequent introduction of quota based fuel distribution the QR code is has turned out to be a very common among the people.

It is high time that companies used the QR code to their advantage. There are many different ways QR codes can be used for marketing, product quality tracking, upselling and giving customers special offers.

Below are some aspects where the QR code has been used by our customers.

  • Printing warranty information.

  • Giving customers special offers for the next purchase.

  • Directing customers to whatsapp link or website for upselling.

  • Giving general information about the busienss i.e branch network, hotline etc.

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