The DY8 Coding Machine

The DY8 coding machine is the most economical coding machine in the market. There are many different advantages of this printer. The primary advantage of this machine is the cost and durable factor.

  • Cheapest Cost of any coding machine

The DY8 Coding Machine uses printing ribbons to print and also it requires power (60W) based on those costs below are the average cost per print using a DY8 coding machine

Cost per printing ribbon = Rs 650
Number of prints per ribbon = 11,000 prints
Cost per print = 11,000/650 = Rs 0.06 or 6 cents

Adding the labor and electric cost into it makes this figure around 9 cents per print.

  • Long Lasting

The DY8 coding machine is made to last a very long time and therefore it has very high operational life. On average when used regurlarly this machine can easily last for over 5 years and with minor repairs done this machines's lifetime can be increased to over 15 - 20 years.