Date Printing Stamp in Sri Lanka

Date printing stamps are the cheapest available expiry date printing solutions in the market. These are like just any other seals but has a special housing like structures to place variable characters. These coding seals are cheap and use ink as their consumable.

Date Printing Stamp - Specifications

2.5mm/4mm character height options.

2 types of font effect- Entity or Dot Font.

Fast drying ink in 5 seconds.

✅Sticks permanently on many surfaces

Suitable for printing on surface of plastic bags, plastic packing bag, plastic bottle, metal cans, carton, kraft paper, etc.

The date printer is made of high quality ABS material, long service life, portable, easy to carry.

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date coding stamp in sri lanka

letters included with the machine

date printing stamp in sri lanka

contents included with the machine package

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