TIJ Coding Machine Cartridge

Cartridges are used by online thermal Inkjet Printer such as Handheld Inkjet Printers. Cartridges come in many different sizes, volume, colors and brands.
In Sri Lanka for Coding TIJ printers the most commons cartridge are 42 ml, 12.7mm print height; black solvent cartridge. This is often used for various automatic coding TIJ printers and also for the Handheld Inkjet Printer.
The cartridges can be divided based on type, volume and print height

The solvent Cartridge is used to code on various different materials such as steel, paper, glass etc.. this is the universal coding cartridge.
The Water and Dye based cartridges are mostly only for certain substrates such as paper, cardboard and wood.
All the above types of cartridges come in different print heights and volume.

Online TIJ printer in operation

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Cartridge for handheld inkjet printer

12.7 mm Cartridge

Nozzle Size 12.7 mm

Black Solvent printer Cartridge for sale in Sri Lanka

25.4 mm Cartridge

Nozzle Size 24.5 mm

Cartridge Types Based on quality

Cartridges come i various brands and qualities depending on the customer requirement we have the capacity to supply the below brands of cartridges.