Date Code Printing on Metal Surface

Metal is used in various stages in the packaging process and also certain products made of metal also requires coding or marking.
Below are some common applications on metal

  • Coding on Metal lids and Caps

  • Coding on Aluminum Cans (eg:- Canned food)

  • Coding on metal barrels (eg:- oil barrels)

  • Printing logos and codes on Metal pipes (eg:- GI Pipes)

Printing on metal surface requires a very specialized ink or else the other alternative would be engraving the print using heat.

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1. Continues Inkjet Printer

The Continues inkjet printer can be used to print on metal using the solvent ink and a suitable additive. This machine is ideal for large scale manufacturers whose production runs online and or has a different conveyor belt.
Price Range - Rs 500,000 upwards

2. Thermal Inkjet Printer

The Thermal inkjet printer is another handy machines that is used to print on metal surface. Unlike the CIJ printer this is much more versatile especially most modern TIJ printers come as hybrid model which means it can operate manually on handheld mode and can be integrated onto a running line.
Price Range - Rs 150,000 upwards

3. Mini Inkjet Printer

The mini inkjet printer is yet another thermal inkjet printer and is the latest addition to the family of thermal inkjet printers. Mini inkjet printers were designed exclusively for the purpose of coding manually on various different surfaces. This printer is faster and easier coding solution for SMEs.
Price Range - Rs 75,000 upwards

Printing on Metals - Video Gallery

Printing Expiry Date on Metal Lids (Manual) Using Handheld Inkjet Printer
Printing Expiry and Manufacture date on Aluminum Fish on conveyor
Printing Expiry Date on Metal bottles (Manual) Using Mini Inkjet Printer