Printing On Paper Sacks

Printing Expiry date, manufacture dates, batch number and price on paper sacks. Paper sacks are used for packing cement, mortar, gypsum, chemicals, minerals, animal feed, milk powder, flours and many more.
Paper sacks are greener packaging solutions. Paper sacks like many other packaging materials are much cheaper when bought in bulk. Therefore it is wiser to use a coding machine and do the printing of variable information separately.

Paper Sack Coding - Sample Photos

Batch Number and Manufacture date printed on paper sack

Expiry date printing on paper sack

MRP (Maximum Retail Price) Printed on Paper sack

price code printing on kraft paper bag

Batch number, MFG date and best before date print

Exp, Mfg batch number coding on paper sacks sri lanka
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Recommended Printers for Coding on Paper Sacks

Inkjet printer such as the thermal inkjet printer and the continues inkjet printer are the most suitable printing machines for coding on paper sacks.
The type of machine depends on the production volume of the factory.

For Large Volume Printing

Online Thermal Inkjet Printer

Continues Inkjet Printer

Handheld Inkjet Printer (online)

For Smaller Volume Printing

Mini Inkjet Printer

Handheld Inkjet Printer (Manual)