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Manual Date Coding Machine Sri Lanka

Manual Date & Batch Coding Machine - Sri Lanka

The manual DY8 date and Batch coding machine is one of the fastest selling batch and date coding machine in Sri Lanka. This machine is primarily used for coding on packets and labels before the product is packaged.
This machine works similar to a sealer and operates using heat. The heated up block which contains the letters then presses onto a hot foil ribbon which makes the imprint. The Manual Coding Machine is technically known as the DY8 Coding machine and comes with the capacity to print 3, 4 or 5 lines.

Manual Coding Machine Features

Basic Features

 Technical Features

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Manual Coding Machine Sri Lanka - Video Demonstration 
Machine Dimensions

Machine Dimension

The Manual DY8 Coding Machine is a relatively small machine and can easily suit on a table.

How to insert Ribbon for DY8 manual coding machine

How to Insert Ribbon

Ribbons can be easily replaced. As shown in the diagram above

Main Components of the Manual Coding Machine

Manual Expiry date printing machine letters
Letters and Housing

1. Letters and Housing

The DY-8 Manual date printing machine has separate letter blocks. these letters need to be configured into a housing, depending on the machine the housing can have space for 3, 4 or 5 lines. 3 Line housing will have bigger letter compared to the 4 line housing and the 5 line housing will have the smallest letters of all.
These letter and the letter housing are made out of brass. The machine comes with 1 set of selected English  letters and enough numerals. Any additional letters that is required could be purchased separately.  

DY-8 Coding Machine

2. Heat Panel

DY-8 is a Ribbon coding machine and therefore depends on heat press to emboss the print on the substrate. This is achieved by a separate controllable heat panel. Most Dy-8 machines have a heat gauge from 1-5 or 1-10 which can be altered as required,
Depending on the surface of the substrate that is printed on the heat need can be altered.
The heat panel also comes along with a fuse for the machine's protection, in most machines an additional fuse comes along with the original packaging for replacement.

Hot Foil Stamping Ribbon

Hot Foil ribbon or also called as the hot stamping ribbon is the printing consumables used by the DY-8 manual Date printing machine. The DY-8 Machine supports Hot foil ribbons width of 25mm, 30mm and 35mm. The length of the ribbon should be 100 meters or below.
There are many different types of hot foil ribbons such as 

A 100 m  ribbon will cost Rs 525 and each ribbon can print up-to 11000 prints thus given an excellent per print cost.
We Welcome bulk orders and contact us for a very special bulk price.

Hot Foil Ribbon Comes in various colors. Black colored ribbon is the primary and the most preferred for date coding but the DY8 printer can give excellent colored prints using various colored ribbons. Below is an image of an array of prints from various colored hot foil ribbons.

Colored Hot Stamp Ribbons
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Technical / Commercial Specifications

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