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Label Coding Machines in Sri Lanka

Label Coding Solution in Sri Lanka

What are Labels?

Branded labels are used by manufacturers to make their products stand out and also have a long lasting product identification. Walking along the aisles of any supermarket one will notice how much important are labels for any products. Labels pay an important role in brand recognition and also they serve a vital role in informing consumers about product contents, ingredients, nutritional value and many more.

Coding on Labels

Although Coding can be done on the product or the package itself many prefer to code on the labels itself. Coding on labels refer to printing the below information on the label.

  1. Expiry Date

  2. Manufacture Date

  3. Price

  4. Batch / Lot Numbers

  5. Barcode or QR code

Product Labels
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Reason why manufacturers to choose to code on labels

  1. Machines used to code on labels are much cheaper than the ones that code directly on products or the primary packaging.

  2. Coding on labels allows manufacturers to embed required information right where other information are provided such as the content of ingredients and nutritional value.

Disadvantage of Coding on Labels

  1. The Manufacture / Expiry dates, Price and the Lot numbers are legal information that are required by law in most countries including Sri Lanka. Having them printed on labels can cause trouble if the label removes off the packaging.

  2. Credibility; it is more professional to have the code printed directly on the product or the primary packaging this give a sense of credibility.

Ideal Coding Machines for Labels

Handheld Inkjet Printer Sri Lanka

Handheld Inkjet Printer

Can Print manually on individual labels or can be fitted onto a FFS machines, Conveyor belt or Winder / Re-winder lines

Label Coding Machine in Sri Lanka

DY8 Printer

Can Exclusively used by small scale manufacturers. This machine is an ideal label printing solution for a start-up.

MY380F Label Printer

This machine is ideal if you need to code on large number of individual labels. This is an automatic machine.

Label Coding Solution in Sri Lanka

Numex Coding Seal

For very small manufacturers, the numex coding machine would be a viable solutions. This machine is very basic and DY8 would be a better one to choose even for startups.